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R&B singer BIGOTHEKING is truly a force to be reckoned with. As a powerful vocalist, songwriter and producer, BIGOTHEKING uses his humble beginnings to infuse passion in his music and the results are phenomenal. BIGOTHEKING’s journey began as a young boy in Baltimore, Maryland living with his mother and brother. As a single mother, She obtained a masters degree in vocal performance and performed with different opera companies throughout Baltimore. Using her gift, she trained both her sons vocally, enrolled them in piano lessons and urged them to sing in the church choir. Despite the family’s talent, they struggled to make ends meet. During these hard times, “Music served as an outlet for my brother and I. It was really the only consistent thing in our lives.” His mom urged her sons to develop perseverance and use music as a tool for success. BIGOTHEKING credits this time in his life for the emotion and substance in his music today. The family’s luck changed when BIGOTHEKING and his brother were gifted a scholarship to the prestigious private school and continuously achieved academic excellence. BIGOTHEKING went on to graduate valedictorian of Baltimore City Community College’s class of 2004.  Next, he attended Morgan State University on a full scholarship, and graduated with a degree in finance.   As a college student, BIGOTHEKING began performing regularly with his brother under the name "Undivided". Once again, the talented duo used music as a tool and contributed to several community causes. First, they partnered with Johns Hopkins Hospital and wrote music for an AIDS campaign aimed at motivating Baltimoreans to get tested. Next, “Undivided” collaborated with Mayor O'Malley next to create music for his Believe Campaign for Baltimore.  Additionally, the brothers mentored students in Baltimore City Public Schools and incorporated them into their shows. The experience exposed the students to the performing arts and the process of making and performing music. “Undivided” quickly gained a following and released their first album "I Wanna Be the Man" in 2003. During this time, BIGOTHEKING linked up with Big Body Records Inc. and instantly connected with Fats, the label’s founder and CEO. “Immediately his style of rap and knowledge as a producer linked with my musical prowess, combination of epic/soulful music, and experience as a producer. This was the beginning of our exponential growth into the team that we have today.” Upon graduation from Morgan, BIGOTHEKING decided to forfeit a career in finance for a life dedicated to music. He joined the Big Body team and left Baltimore to dedicate all of his energy to music. The group traveled up and down the East Coast for the next few years to develop their label.  In 2007, BIGOTHEKING recorded his first solo album “My Journal”. This was followed by “Love vs. Lust” in 2008. In the recording process, BIGOTHEKING’s talent exceeds his powerful vocals. He also produces and writes all of his music. Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye are amongst BIGOTHEKING’s musical idols due to their ability to transfer real life struggles into music that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Similar to these legends, BIGOTHEKING has utilized his music repeatedly to overcome his circumstances and to develop the community around him. “Music is a way of life, the reason why I wake up in the morning, and the thing that keeps me going.”

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